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Cruisopolis is an official partner of TransOcean

  • Traditional cruise company with a lot of experience and know-how
  • Small maritime ships
  • Sea and river cruises
  • Laidback ambiance and familiar atmosphere
  • Travel culture with tradition – cruises in the classical style
  • Varied itineraries worldwide with long berthing times

TransOcean – Fascinating cruises around the globe

TransOcean looks back at 5 decades of sea and river cruises. It stands for an exigent, service-orientated and highly comfortable way of traveling on water, whether in the seas of the world or Europe’s most beautiful rivers. Onboard their ships, you will quickly learn that a sea cruise is much more than a combination of a cabin, a delicious cuisine, grand coastlines and foreign cultures. Enjoy the atmosphere, hospitality and high service quality at the medium sized ships.

The ships