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Cruisopolis is an official partner of Ponant

  • Warm and intimate yacht atmosphere
  • High service and performance standards, 5 stars
  • Long cruising traditions
  • High-quality ship equipment
  • Well-planned itineraries and reliable layovers
  • Gourmet cuisine
  • French spoken on board

Ponant – The cruise yachts

Discover unique travel destinations onboard small cruise yachts with high-level comfort, with long-term experience, an international crew and an exquisite cuisine. Embark upon a discovery tour to extraordinary travel destinations and make authentic and at the same time unique travel experiences. The elegant ships combine luxury with a personal note. With a max. of 264 guests onboard, you will have the incomparable feeling of travelling on a private yacht. The small ships allow you to travel to legendary destinations that are inaccessible to bigger cruise ships.

The ships