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Phoenix Reisen GmbH Bonn

Cruisopolis is an official partner of Phoenix Reisen

  • At Phoenix Reisen quality and service are of utmost importance
  • German speaking staff onboard every ship
  • The passengers travel in a casual atmosphere. The cruises range from elegant & luxurious to comfortable & casual
  • A very diverse offer of cruises; even world cruises are available
  • Phoenix Reisen has a large ship fleet. There is the right ship for everyone
  • Known from the tv shows “Verrückt nach Meer”, “Verrückt nach Fluss” and “Das Traumschiff”

Phoenix Reisen – Familiar tradition

Up until now Phoenix Reisen is a privately-owned cruise company. It started in 1974 with river cruises to Prague, Budapest and Istanbul. Later it added voyages with included flights to Mallorca, Gran Canaria, Santo Domingo, Mexico and the United States. In 1988 the team from Bonn chartered the TS Maxim Gorki, the former Grande Dame from Hamburg long-term and started a new chapter by entering the world of sea cruises.

What started with the TS Maxim Gorki developed into a success story, which is continuing. Nowadays the MS Amadea, MS Artania, MS Albatros and the MS Deutschland sail underneath the Phoenix Reisen flag to the most beautiful harbours in the world. During the summer the most popular destination are the Baltic Sea and the North Sea. During the winter season, the cruise ships embark on exotic tours in the South or on a world cruise. There is the right itinerary for everyone.


“Verrückt nach Meer” – The cruising cult series

When the popular tv documentary series moves into a new season, you may transform from a spectator into an actor and can take part in the live shooting at some iconic places of the docuseries. Onboard the MS Artania, you can travel with the filming crew from the Seychelles to Vietnam, Australia, the South Pacific to Florida and Mexico as well as the East Coast of the United States with New York and Boston. Regardless of which “Verrück nach Meer” cruise you decide on, you will have a wonderful documentation of your cruise which will be screened on TV!

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