Travel Insurance

Carefree Travel - AXA Assistance Travel Insurance

Cruisopolis has worked out in cooperation with the insurance company AXA Assurances a complete travel insurance package.


IPID Form (information about the insurance product)

AXA terms and conditions & prices


Here an excerpt from the travel insurance services


Insured risks and amounts covered by AXA Assurances:

  1. Luggage


  1. Cancellation fees
  • In the event of a claim, handling fees of € 50 per person are applicable


  1. Accident
  • resulting in death
  • resulting in total permanent disability
  • processing fees


  1. Legal protection


  1. Assistance cover from Inter Partner Assistance covering costs incurred in the following cases:
    • Medical Assistance
    • Search and rescue costs 2,500 €
    • Refund of the "Ski lift" pass 125 €
    • Reimbursement of medical expenses 500 €
    • Sending a doctor to you
    • Extension of the stay abroad for medical reasons 700 €
    • Visit from a relative in case of hospitalisation abroad
    • Taxi costs 375 €
    • Telecommunication costs
    • Repatriation or transport following a medical incident
    • Funeral repatriation
    • Return of an accompanying person in case of repatriation
    • Care for children under 16 years of age abroad
    • Early return of an Insured Person
    • Assistance in the event of theft, loss or destruction of luggage or travel documents
    • Shipment of indispensable medicines abroad
    • Language assistance
    • Cash advance
    • Veterinarian fees for

You can download the exact terms and conditions of the covered services as well as the maximal covered value of the AXA insurance with the link above.