Travel Insurance

Carefree Travel - AXA Assistance Travel Insurance

Cruisopolis has worked out in cooperation with the insurance company AXA Assurances a complete travel insurance package.


IPID Form (information about the insurance product)

AXA terms and conditions & prices


Here an excerpt from the travel insurance services


Covered risks:

  1. Luggage (loss and / or damage)


  1. Cancellation fees
  • in the event of a claim, a 50€ fee per person will be deducted


  1. Accident
  • resulting in death
  • resulting in permanent and complete disability
  • doctor and hospital bills
  • due to an accident or illness


  1. Legal expenses insurance


  1. Emergency assistance insurance in cooperation with Inter Partner Assistance, who cover the costs in the following cases:
  • medical assistance
  • search and rescue costs
  • reimbursement of ski pass costs
  • reimbursement of medical costs
  • sending a doctor on site
  • prolongation of the stay abroad due to medical reasons
  • visit of a family member in case of a hospitalisation abroad
  • taxi costs
  • telecommunication
  • repatriation or transportation as a result of a medical incident
  • repatriation of a corpse
  • repatriation of an accompanying person in case of a repatriation
  • care for children under the age of 16 years abroad
  • early return of the insured traveller
  • assistance in case of theft, loss or destruction of the luggage or travel documents abroad
  • shipping of indispensable medication abroad
  • linguistic support
  • money advance
  • veterinary costs for animals which travel with the insured traveller
  • legal assistance

You can receive the exact terms and conditions of the covered services as well as the maximal covered value of the AXA insurance at the Cruisopolis travel agency.